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About the Farm

22 donkeys living in the surrey hills 

What We Do

Our gorgeous donkeys are available for a range of different activities, from derbies, parties, rides, fates, church services, filming, and many more  


Who We Are

We are a herd of 22 donkeys living in the surrey hills, between us we have turned our hoof to just about everything from country shows, to ballet. We have been on the sets of Harry Potter, Darling buds of May and met plenty of famous people. We have raced in Derby's all over the country from Surrey to Guernsey. We have been to fancy London hotels, graced many a church and nativity scene and put smiles on the faces of everyone we meet. 

Why choose us...

Our Donkeys are well loved and we pride ourselves on their care. We love being able to show you our happy healthy donkeys and believe that this shines through at every event, though they may be cheeky our donkeys are well behaved and know and enjoy their job making them the perfect donkey for any occasion 

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