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Donkey Derby's 

Our donkeys compete in ridden races, the perfect summer event, sure to bring in crowds and plenty of happy families. 


Looking for a unique event or fundraiser, our derby's are sure to bring in a large crowd of spectators and happy faces. A fun day out for the whole family, our donkeys are sure to make a memorable, fun day out for all.

We are able to travel all over the country, upon booking we will give you an information package on how to get the most out of your event. 

Sponsorship, totes and rides are all a way to  increase profit on your event and we are happy to share our knowledge. 


All our prices are for a maximum of 7 races of 7 donkeys. We reserve the right to increase the fee should the number of races required be in excess of this, but we are limited to the number of donkeys we can carry in our lorries. We suggest that you start the races not before 12 and finishing the last race by 4.30 with 20-30 min intervals between races. Crowds tend to drift away by 4.30.

Contact us for more details. 

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